Guest Blog: Unifying the .Net Technologies with .Net 5

Guest Blog from Cristina Gupca, Technical Lead at Aspira Software

How many of you didn’t want to have .NET Framework, .NET, Core, and Xamarin/Mono on a single, unified platform to be able to build any type of application more quickly and effectively?

Well, Microsoft has a lot of good news for us. They have promised to solve this issue and make your applications and development process better and easier by unifying different technologies into one framework: .NET 5 – “The future of. NET”

.Net 5 Features

One of the most exciting new features is that we’ll have a single BCL (base class library) across all .NET 5 applications, and support for both native and web applications across multiple operating systems. Therefore, if you know C#, now, you can develop an application that can run anywhere from IoT to Cloud…